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Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center Installs New State-of-the-Art MRI Equipment

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center (“ODC Huntsville”) today announced that it has upgraded its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment to the latest high-end technology available. Effective immediately, patients referred to ODC Huntsville can have their MRI studies performed on the newly installed GE Optima 450W “high field, wide bore” system. This MRI system combines physician preferred high field magnet technology with the increased bore space desired by patients to achieve the highest levels of patient and referring physician satisfaction in the region.

This upgrade is designed to position ODC Huntsville as the unmatched market leader in ambulatory imaging care in northern Alabama. Deborah Tate, administrator of the Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center, explains, “The Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center already offers patients one of the most affordable imaging solutions on the market. In addition, we strive daily to exceed the expectations of patients and treating physicians. Today we have matched or, in some cases, surpassed all competing technologies on the market. As such, we now offer the best technology, the most user-friendly environment, the best expertise in radiology and the best service to referring physicians, all at the most affordable price.

Historically, MRI equipment has been classified as either a “high field” system or as an “open, low field” system. However, the GE Optima 450W combines the advantages of both while eliminating the disadvantages of each. For example, “open low field” MRI systems do not produce the same high resolution and more defined image quality as “high field” systems because the magnet is not continuously circular. The result is a compromised “low-field” examination that could lead to missed pathology due to their lack of resolution, particularly in the spine and brain. Likewise, the conventional high-field MRI equipment has a bore width of only 60cm, while the new GE Optima 450W has a bore width of 70cm, giving 36% space in more and an “open” feeling for patients. “The result,” Tate continues, “is the image quality that physicians need, with the comfort that patients want. ”

The Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center operates Monday through Friday from 800a to 600p with extended services as needed. In addition to the new GE Optima 450W MRI system, the center also offers computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, radiography, fluoroscopy and bone density studies. ODC – Huntsville is located at 115 St Clair Avenue SE in Huntsville. The Huntsville Ambulatory Diagnostic Center accepts all insurance plans.

For more information or to schedule a diagnostic imaging test, please call (256) 534 – 5600.

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