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CEDP Skill Institute organizes an industrial visit to the diagnostic center

The CEDP Skill Institute recently hosted an industry tour for DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) students at the Care Diagnostic Center in Thane West, to provide students with an overview of the inner workings of diagnostic services. The visit was initiated with the aim of giving students practical experience and valuable skills to manage various equipment available in the center.

This visit enlightened students on various aspects of laboratory services and provided an overview of how diagnostic services work and the challenges a person faces when running a diagnostic center. Ms. Pooja Talekar (Assistant Quality Manager) of the Institute guided the students through the industrial realities and the career opportunities available to the students.

Ms Shaheen Khan, Director of CEDP Skill Institute in Mumbai, said that “the gap between theoretical knowledge and its application is one of the biggest in the field of vocational training. Thus, industry visits are an integral part of CEDP’s pedagogy. Industry field trips allow students to gain insight into theories and gain hands-on exposure in real time. They also provide insight into how businesses operate and also useful information related to practical aspects of programs that cannot be viewed in conferences.

The industrial visit is considered one of the main activities of CEDP. The main reason behind this; it allows our student to get to know things in a practical way through interaction, working methods and employment practices. In addition, it gives exposure from an academic point of view. Our main goal is to provide exposure to students on the practical work environment. The students of the CEDP Skill Institute were delighted with this experience

The students and their faculties had a light conversation with the team available there and the respective exam team. As part of the study program, CEDP students visit hospitals and health centers and participate in health camps for better hands-on exposure.

The Education and Development Programs Council (CEDP) was formed in 2010, with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of individuals and groups through appropriate training and education. Since then, the organization has strived to provide the most relevant training solutions not only to metropolitan and mini-metro cities across the country, but also to the most remote geographic areas so that student communities as a whole can benefit from the benefits. knowledge gained through the education provided and improve their employability and, therefore, employment opportunities.

CEDP was recognized with an image for creating global excellence in skills development by creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of talents of Indian youth by making them globally employable under leadership and thought the process of Ms. Shaheen Khan and Mr. Vasim Sheikh.

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