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DiaMentis’ innovative mental health diagnostic technology accepted into FDA breakthrough device program

QUEBEC, December 17, 2020 / CNW Telbec / – diaMentis announces that its mental health diagnostic technology has been accepted into the Breakthrough Devices program of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Once approved, this technology could provide primary care physicians and psychiatrists with an objective method of diagnostic decision-making, especially for patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

A world first
There are currently no tools available to help with mental health diagnoses anywhere in the world. This is an important recognition because, at present, diagnoses in this area are based only on the observation of clinical signs and symptoms and can take, in some cases, up to 5 or 7 years to be established. confirmed. In the absence of appropriate medical technology, such delays and uncertainties can contribute to the increase in severity and severity of these diseases.

“Time is a key success factor for people with mental illness. The diaMentis diagnostic tool could have a very significant impact on their life and that of their family. The speed and power of our new technological approach will likely be of great benefit to healthcare professionals facing mental health issues. The sooner these diseases can be identified, the sooner we can hope to provide adequate care and reduce long-term negative effects, ”said the President and CEO of diaMentis, Normand Tremblay.

“The technology we are developing makes it possible to analyze the information obtained from an electroretinogram, a simple, non-invasive eye examination. By developing new proprietary analysis methodologies and constructing mathematical models better suited to the biomarkers expressed in various mental illnesses, we can add objective measurement to the diagnostic process. This designation will allow us to interact with the FDA in order to leverage our technology development more effectively, ”added Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Claude hariton.

The FDA’s Fast Track Program
The Breakthrough Devices program is an FDA program designed, among other things, for innovative medical devices that allow more effective diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversible debilitating diseases, such as certain mental illnesses. The goal of the Breakthrough Devices program is to provide patients and healthcare providers with rapid access to this technology by accelerating its development and review, while maintaining high FDA standards.

About diaMentis
QuebecThe developer of medical technologies diaMentis is a pioneer in the development of diagnostic aids for various mental health disorders. It was established in Quebec in 2015 and employs 23 people full time. As a spin-off of the University from Laval Research work by the Institut en santé Mental du Québec (IUSMQ), diaMentis is developing exclusive methods for the analysis of biomarkers present in retinal signals. For more information visit

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New diagnostic technology accurately tests for anemia and sickle cell disease

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University today presented research in which Hemex Health’s Gazelle platform diagnostic technology successfully tested 46 patients with a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of over 92. , 3% for anemia and with 100% accuracy for hemoglobin variants.

The preliminary study included blood samples taken from patients in the Cleveland area studied for anemia and sickle cell disease.

The single combined test for anemia and sickle cell anemia is considered a first and is expected to provide an essential new tool for disease detection and management in low-resource settings where incidents of sickle cell disease are numerous and often undiagnosed. This test should be available mid-2021 after regulatory approval in the identified countries.

Health professionals we spoke with in Africa and Asia told us that one of the biggest barriers to better diagnosis and management of anemia and sickle cell anemia is the lack of a affordable and easy-to-use test that can provide regular data to help optimize treatment. Case Western Reserve study demonstrates that a software enhancement to our Gazelle platform has the potential to enable our current sickle cell test to also check for anemia, which could help clinicians and patients optimize management disease through a single low-cost test.. “

Patti White, Study Co-Founder and CEO, Hemex Health

The research team compared the study samples to the current standard clinical detection of anemia (complete blood count [CBC]) and sickle cell anemia (High Performance Liquid Chromatography [HPLC]).

“With an integrated total hemoglobin and variant hemoglobin test, clinicians can help patients better understand their condition, as iron deficiency and nutrition issues can cause anemia without a patient suffering from sickle cell disease. Said Umut Gurkan, PhD, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University, principal investigator of the team that presented the results at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology. “Gazelle reminds me of Tesla because technology transforms with a software upgrade, and that’s all it takes to add hemoglobin testing to the existing platform.”

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Tesla publishes free service manuals, diagnostic tools and more

Tesla now provides free access to service manuals, repair guides, diagnostic tools and more.

The new Right to Repair initiative should help owners who want to tinker with their vehicle themselves.

Last month, we reported that Tesla was fighting a new “Right to Repair” initiative in Massachusetts, saying it would weaken its cybersecurity.

The initiative, which was on the ballot in November, aimed to improve access to electronic data and diagnostic tools inside vehicles.

Tesla has reached out to its Massachusetts customers and encouraged them to vote against the new initiative.

It is now adopted and we learn that Tesla is already starting to facilitate access to important information for the right to repair.

Tesla’s “green” hacker discovered that Tesla now gives free access to its service and repair manuals, vehicle diagnostics, and more:

Apart from the diagnostic tools, all of this information was already available to everyone, but you had to be prepared to pay up to $ 100 an hour to access the information on

As indicated by “green”, you can now access the information for free if you register through the Chinese version of the website:

Apparently, this is not a bug, but a feature. It’s not clear why Tesla doesn’t charge you if you go through the Chinese domain, but you have access to the same information.

If, like me, you previously registered a service account to pay for access to information, you will need to use another email when registering, but it works.

I followed the green instructions above and Tesla gave me free access:

Again, all of this information was previously available to those willing to pay, with the exception of the toolkit.

Tesla now provides access to diagnostic tools, which was part of the new Massachusetts initiative that Tesla was fighting against.

For European cars you can request remote diagnostic access and in other areas you will need to plug a laptop into the diagnostic port.

It’s not something that most Tesla owners will use, but it will be a hit with many DIY enthusiasts.

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