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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s niche diagnostics center of excellence, which Interstate 880 commuters have seen rise next to the Tesla Motors factory in Warm Springs for over a year, has officially been unveiled on October 27.

At the dedication ceremony, dignitaries such as US Congressmen Mike Honda and Eric Swalwell, California Assembly Members Bob Wieckowski and Bill Quirk, State Senator Ellen Corbett, Director of the Bureau Economic and Business Development Governor Kish Rajan and Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison all spoke and joined Thermo Fisher in the grand opening of the 350,000 square foot facility.

The $ 85 million building, which will house the 500 employees who previously worked in three buildings in Fremont and another site in Benicia, will be a site that will develop and manufacture technologies for diagnostic testing and quality controls used in hospitals, medical facilities and drugs. and alcohol rehab centers, among other markets.

Anyone who has ever been sent for a drug test before being hired in a company has likely come across tests created by Thermo Fisher and other biomedical companies.

Fremont employees will primarily work in product development in the areas of toxicological testing (for drug abuse), therapeutic drug monitoring, quality assurance controls as well as work with microparticles used in drug applications. diagnostics and life sciences.

This is just one of Thermo Fisher’s installations. The company has 50,000 employees in 50 countries, many of whom are engaged in cancer research and similar biomedical research.

After the ribbon was cut, elected officials and community members were invited to visit the facilities.

This includes a training center, where employees will learn the latest Thermo Fisher products and instruments; a molecular control site, used in oncology, blood screening, transplant disease and infectious disease screening to ensure accurate test results; an organic chemistry site, where drug derivatives are synthesized to help scientists innovate new products; an analysis room, where all the tests and controls are retested to ensure their correct functioning; a filling site, where machines fill bottles with various liquids; a labeling suite, where the majority of bottle and carton labels are printed; a formulation site, where products are produced in bulk; a laboratory equipment washing area, where all equipment is sterilized; a research and development laboratory, where scientists collaborate to create new diagnostic products; an area of ​​immunohistochemistry, for work on adjacent technologies and companion diagnostics used in the detection of cancer in anatomical pathology laboratories around the world; a particle zone, where latex beads used in many applications are created; production of amino acids and proteins; and package the products.

Participants also toured the company’s fitness center and cafeteria located in the building for the benefit of employees. In addition, the building includes charging stations for electric vehicles and a high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Jay Glasscock, vice president and general manager of operations at Thermo Fisher at Fremont, said before the ribbon cutting that his company had a vision to create a place where employees would love to work and where customers would be proud to see their products made. .

“You have to know that the products that we make here are very important, they help people lead healthy lives,” said Glascott.

Honda also spoke about extending the Bay Area Rapid Transit line to Warm Springs and how that, coupled with the opening of Thermo Fisher, would attract residents and other businesses to Fremont.

“Things are happening with… the development of Warm Springs in southern Fremont, from an industrial area to mixed use… an innovation center with residential and commercial uses,” said Honda. “Thermo Fisher is an important part of this mix, bringing high tech jobs and creating the vision fulfillment that will continue to attract employers and residents” to the region.

Honda also spoke about the importance of funding biomedical research to treat so many diseases and illnesses that so many people suffer from, without a cure.

Swalwell also recognized the importance of the company’s work.

“There’s something really special going on in Fremont these days, you see investments in science, technology and innovation all over Fremont, right on that street, we have fast and clean cars and great science. that changes life. Fremont is a city on the move, ”Swalwell said, adding that people with various illnesses – many of which are currently without a cure – have asked him to increase federal funding for research to find these cures. “Now at this facility, I am delighted to be able to tell them that there are 500 other spirits in our area working to find a cure for them and their family members. Having jobs and a thriving economy is important, but the work done in science… will allow people to spend more time with their families and less time with their doctors. “

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