A new diagnostic center opens today in Beaumont


Combine heated bathrobes, dimly lit waiting areas with large plush armchairs and the latest medical technology and you will find yourself at ODC – the outpatient diagnostic center.

The new diagnostic imaging center on College Street is the brainchild of Dr Brent Mainwaring, who said he had dreamed of creating this type of facility during his 18 years in the medical field.

“I wanted something that has a vibe, a comforting place outside and inside,” Mainwaring said. “A place where I can make my own medical decisions based on the needs of my patients rather than the end result.”

Mainwaring, a radiologist, said healthcare has changed so much over the past few decades and is still in transition with increased corporate oversight and less individual self-care.

Ed Field, the facility’s executive director, said he and Mainwaring first pitched the idea for the center five years ago, after previously working together at another local diagnostic health facility.

“It wasn’t a good time with the economy, but we kept it on the back burner until times improved,” Field said.

They started implementing their plans in 2010 and eventually purchased the land to build the new 8,300 square foot, $ 6 million building.

The facility’s testing capabilities include MRI, CT scans, ultrasounds as well as a separate, private women’s center where patients can undergo breast ultrasound, mammogram, breast MRI, breast biopsy, and test. bone density.

Field said the diagnostic center’s spa atmosphere – which features original artwork by local artist Darrell Troppy – is an important step he and Mainwaring have taken to provide a different kind of care for their patients .

“Patients don’t always understand they have an option,” Field said. “We know we are outperforming the service levels of some other places. We know consumers want a good provider with high quality care.”

Mainwaring said that in the three weeks that the center has been operating, the response from local doctors and patients has been “overwhelming.”

“It has always been my desire to stay in the Beaumont area, and it is part of my philosophy to keep medical decisions where they belong – closer to the doctor and the patient,” he said.

Trustees will hold a grand opening ceremony today at 2 p.m. at the center, 3405 College Street.

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