Autel Scanner Diagnostic Tools and Robotic Drones Provide Excellent Experience with Autel MX808Z and Autel Lite Plus


Autel maxicom MK808 bets on ease of use, speed and functionality. The autel scanners tool comes in a tablet-like design and runs on Android, with a quad-core processor

Not only 24-hour support, atuel scanner diagnostic tools also come with serial number which allows upgrade to latest software from Autel official website at any time.

CITY OF DONGGUAN – SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 – Are you looking for amazing diagnostic tools for autel scanners? Looking to explore, discover, and create like you’ve never done before with classy robotics like Autel Lite Plus in your hands? Are you looking for first-class robotics with high transmission stability and a pro-level ultra HD camera so you can capture crystal-clear images from great heights? Are you looking for very advanced level thermal drones equipped with new generation and high resolution thermal cameras? Or are you looking for bi-directional scanner, all system diagnostics and multi-service operation like Autel MK808Z? Then you need look no further than AutelMFG – the number one company in robotics and scanners which autel official authorized online store.

AUTELMFG. The world’s leading player in diagnostic tool scanners and auto robotic drones supplying at the cheapest possible prices. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive smart diagnostics, inspection and TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) products and services. The company combines automotive hardware, cloud services and mobile devices with their software development services. It is thus able to produce world-class robots and scanners with intelligent simulation analysis systems of such brilliance that they eclipse all other competitors.

“We are absolutely thrilled with how people consider our products to be their number one choice for drones and scanners. While it doesn’t surprise us, our mission is always to deliver these things based on cutting-edge technology, and to be the first to do so.Our products such as Autel maxicom MX808, Autel Maxicheck MX808Z, Autel MX808 scanner, Autel EVO II, Autel Robotics EVO Nano+Drone and many more are our top selling products.Even a review surface of Autel MX808 will show that Autel products are far superior to anyone else.We have our own unique core technology accumulation divided into 5 core systems heavily invested in R&D.Try Autel today today, and we promise it will be your best investment,” said Autel’s CTO.


east altar an automotive tool diagnostics company that makes autel scanners and robotics with drones. It provides top-class autel scanners like MX808Z and robotic drones like Autel Lite Plus along with hundreds of accessories at the most affordable prices.


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