Canon announces the introduction of new AI-based cardiac CT diagnostic technology


Canon Medical has announced the introduction of Precise IQ Engine (PIQE) deep learning reconstruction (DLR) and the SilverBeam filter.

PIQE, which Canon describes as a super-resolution deep learning reconstruction technology for cardiac CT scans, delivers “exceptional” cardiac CT image quality by maximizing spatial resolution without reducing low-contrast detectability or increasing dose. . SilverBeam, an X-ray beam shaping energy filter, provides high-quality, low-noise CT lung cancer screening images at the radiation dose closer to a typical chest X-ray, adds the company in a press release.

The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology, powered by Altivity (the AI ​​brand of Canon Medical), on a large area CT platform, to maximize conventional and spectral CT capabilities which can be available with automated workflows, while providing clinical knowledge to help physicians make more informed decisions throughout the patient care cycle. To make it even easier for clinicians, the fully integrated end-to-end workflow is easy to use and can be integrated into routine protocols.

“We have taken the Aquilion ONE / PRISM edition to the next level of deep intelligence with PIQE,” said Hisashi Tachizaki, vice president and general manager of the CT Systems division of Canon Medical Systems Corporation. “Canon Medical continues to push what is possible using AI. With PIQE, we are now able to reveal more critical diagnostic information for cardiac CT scans, and SilverBeam enables screening for lung cancer with ultra-low dose CT scans.

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