Delphi-MD Breakthrough Diagnostic Technology Promises to Reduce Healthcare Burden by Detecting Brain Abnormalities Before Symptoms, at Point-of-Care US-English US-English


Delphi-MD, the world’s first direct visualization technology of the brain network presented at the HLTH Las Vegas Conference today, provides for the first time objective clinical measurements of neural functions, enabling point-of-care physicians and neurologists to access new diagnostic capabilities.

RAANANA, Israel, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — QuantalX developer of Delphi-MD, an ‘ECG’ for the Brain, Debuts its Breakthrough Brain Health Technology at the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas as part of its U.S. Clearance Commercialization Efforts breakthrough expected by the FDA.

The Delphi-MD provides direct visualization of the brain network, enabling clinical measurements of neural functions for the first time in the history of healthcare, targeting the larger neurological paradigm: “brain abnormalities are typically only discovered after patients show symptoms and it’s already late,” the professor said. David Tanne, medical director of QuantalX and president of the IL Neurological association. According to “The Lancet” published study, 90% of strokes and 35% of dementias are preventable if detected early enough, but diagnostic methods available today result in ineffective treatment of brain disorders due to late, inaccurate and under-diagnosis. diagnostic.

For clinicians, such revolutionary technology, accessible at the point of care, greatly supports early and differential diagnosis through objective “real life” data, leading to informed treatment decisions and interventions, as well as improving brain health outcomes for healthcare providers and payers. For patients, earlier diagnosis leads to an optimal care pathway, resulting in a long-term positive effect on quality of life.

35% of the total economic disease burden is attributed to brain disorders, primarily due to repeated hospitalizations and rehabilitation, avoidance of unnecessary CT/MRI scans, and associated accessibility and cost issues. Recent estimates* show that the financial burden of stroke and dementia care alone exceeds $550 billion/ year in the United States only. “The clinical breakthrough of Delphi-MD is that it is a direct, functional, objective test for the brain that does not require patient involvement and provides actionable information to the physician at the point of care,” said Dr. Iftach Dolev, CEO and co-founder of QuantalX. “Making neuro-diagnostics accessible to everyone is a game-changer for brain health management”

I am very excited about QuantalX Delphi-MD technology. Probing the integrity of brain networks in a cost-effective way will allow us to identify patients at increased risk to whom we can provide improved care by optimizing and adapting existing and emerging preventive therapies.“said Prof. Jeff Saver ; Neurologist; UCLA

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QuantalX is dedicated to providing better patient care and reducing the neurological load on healthcare systems, through differential diagnosis and early detection of brain abnormalities. The Delphi– The MD device solves today’s neurodiagnosis challenges with direct neurodiagnosis, a new technology, revolutionizing the standard of brain healthcare as we know it.

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