GE Power’s Monitoring and Diagnostic Center Helps Generate Electricity Before, During and After Hurricanes


GE Power’s Monitoring and Diagnostic Center located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is the world’s largest power generation monitoring facility, monitoring real-time operating conditions within 5,000 turbines, generators and other equipment located in 950 power plants in 75 countries and serving 350 million people.

Teams of specialized GE engineers at the Center can work with customers on-site, as well as provide remote diagnostics using digital analysis technology. GE Power not only helps customers directly affected by a major storm, but also helps other power plants ramp up when affected plants shut down during a hurricane.

“Before the storm arrives, we are reaching out to our customers to make sure they have the appropriate resources for a critical recovery response,” said Justin Eggart, general manager of fleet services for GE Power. “Being able to monitor and digitally diagnose remotely is helpful during a storm because it increases employee safety and our ability to monitor the impact over a large geographic area. “

After the storm, if a power plant needs help restarting, field engineers from FieldCore, a GE company, are deployed to help run the plant. The M&D Center is available to provide operational review and start-up assistance. If the plant suffers severe damage, it can become a longer process involving teams of engineers to get a plant back up and running.

The analysis capabilities and remote service capability of GE Power’s monitoring and diagnostic center help utilities operate safely and efficiently with the goal of reducing power outages for shorter durations after a storm major.

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