Kyung Hee to Develop 3D Integrated Dental Analysis Platform

SEOUL, South Korea: Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital recently signed a business agreement with Osteoid, a developer of 3D medical imaging solutions, to create South Korea’s first integrated 3D dental analysis platform , TWEeMAC. The state-of-the-art dental platform will digitize patients’ oral health information to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

According to a recent press release, the platform will be able to diagnose snoring, sleep apnea, dental asymmetry and maxillofacial deformities. He will also be able to analyze the aesthetics of hard and soft tissues and the narrowness of the maxillary arch, among others.

“Based on the big data accumulated over more than 50 years, we started with the intention of helping other hospitals establish precise oral conditions and treatment plans for patients,” commented the director of the hospital, Professor Hwang Eui-Hwan. “We will strive to become a dental hospital that leads the field of dentistry research and treatment through preventive responses in a rapidly changing environment,” he added.

Commenting on the platform, Prof. Kim Seong-Hun, Head of Orthodontics Department at Kyung Hee University, said, “We can digitize the conditions of previous patients to quickly get comprehensive scan results based on [artificial intelligence].” He added that the data obtained from the platform will help develop optimized treatment plans for dental patients.

With this partnership, Osteoid seeks to improve the market for digital dental diagnostics and therapeutics.

From left to right: Director of Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital, Professor Hwang Eui-Hwan and CEO of Osteoid, Dr. Calvin Hur. (Image: Korean Biomedical Examination)

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