Liberia: Jahmale Medical Solutions opens diagnostic center in slum area of ​​New Kru city

Monrovia – Jahmale Medical Solutions Incorporated has officially opened a diagnostic center in the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island with a commitment to provide adequate and affordable medical services to sick citizens and other residents of the borough and other adjacent parts, regardless of their status. .

Located in Electoral District No. 16, Montserrado County, the borough is home to over 250,000 residents, including women and children.

The diagnostic center was officially inaugurated in a brief ceremony held on Friday 3 March.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Technical Administrator of the Centre, Mrs. Marion Grant-Johnson, revealed that the center was established to ensure the provision of quality diagnostic services to the citizens of Liberia, especially those residing in Liberia. ‘arrondissement.

She pointed out that the center will serve as a “hub” for the treatment of thousands of borough residents who suffer from various illnesses.

She added that the new dedicated center will also run a collection epicenter and a laboratory.

“The idea for this diagnostic sub-center came about in line with Jahmale’s mission statement which states that Jahmale aims to increase accessibility to a wide range of diagnostic and paramedic services. The sub-center Jahmale’s diagnostic center was built to increase accessibility in line with our mission statement.”

She noted that the Jahmale will continue to position itself geographically and establish strong networks with doctors, hospitals and clinics with the aim of actualizing its mission.

Grant-Johnson revealed that the center also has sophisticated and modernized analyzers and other medical equipment to diagnose or detect several diseases including cancer, kidney, viruses in urine and diabetes among others.

She pointed out that the center will also perform several rapid sight tests that will last a minimum of time for malaria, typhoid, hepatitis and h pylori of all kinds, among others.

She pointed out that the newly dedicated diagnostic center houses ultrasound and electrocardiogram with report on diagnoses to be provided within 30 minutes.

“This diagnostic center will improve and save lives in the Bushrod Island area. To achieve our goal of providing quality diagnostic services, Jahmale provides free training and supplies to various partner hospitals in the Bushrod area. ‘Bushrod Island’.

Mrs. Grant-Johnson further disclosed that her entity’s support to other hospitals or medical centers and practitioners in Bushrod Island is aimed at boosting and quality sample collection for proper healthcare delivery.

She noted that although the center intends to collect samples on sight at its facilities, its practitioners will not hesitate to also collect samples from various hospitals and other medical centers on Bushrod Island for diagnostics and subsequent treatment at the center.

She points out that samples from patients with complicated cases will be transferred in time from the New Kru Town Borough Center to Jahmale’s laboratory at its headquarters located at ELWA junction, outside Monrovia.

For his part, Jahmale Medical Solutions Board Chairman Dewitt Vonballmoos encouraged residents of the borough not to be content with acquiring quality health care whenever they are sick.

He said the quality services rendered to Jahmale are not costly as some members of the Liberian public perceive.

He further underscored the need for citizens to always go to medical facilities that provide quality healthcare services whenever they are ill, instead of staying away due to speculation on the tariffs of these. establishments.

“You don’t have to worry about the cost when you’re sick; when you’re sick, you’re sick and you have to come to the hospital. The cost shouldn’t be the first issue. Nowhere in the world are the services medicals are only free. When people say this place is so expensive, you don’t know it because you don’t go there. Don’t stay out and waste your life because you think you can’t. allow or you are afraid to come here”.

Mr. Vonballmoos added that prior to the commencement of full operations at Jahmale, a survey was conducted to ensure flexibility in the payment of medical fees at the facility compared to other medical centers operating across Liberia.

His comments were in direct response to concerns raised by former New Kru Town Borough Governor Madam Alice Weah and Redemption Hospital Medical Director Dr. Williamatta S. Williams-Gibson.

At first, the couple made a request for a fee that would be charged to the center to be affordable for locals.

He congratulated the management and all the staff of the hospital for their steadfastness and the sacrifices they have made in carrying out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.

Also speaking, Montserrado County District 16 Representative Dixon Seeboe commended NASSCORP and Jahmale management for seeing the need to open a branch in the borough.

He observed that Liberia’s health system still faces many challenges, which continues to encourage citizens to fly out of the country for treatment.

“Coming to this part of Monrovia, New Kru Town, is beyond time. NASSCORP has given back in so many ways. Our country has been challenged by health issues and we have often had to leave the country to doing very simple tests.. Since Jahmale arrived, a lot of people have cut costs to do things that might have cost them money to get to Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.”

“Your presence on Bushrod Island is going to be very helpful. There are many cases where people will even lose their lives because they cannot get proper treatment. With your presence here, I hope the cost will be considerable even if health goes with the cost. What you have done will go down in history and we are grateful to you for choosing New Kru Town”.

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