Mahle designs diagnostic technology for EV systems


Mahle will launch its latest electric vehicle solution for independent workshops, claiming the potential for a full diagnostic service of most electrified powertrains.

To be unveiled next month at Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany, Mahle Aftermarket is showcasing Mahle BatteryPRO diagnostic and service solutions, including E-Scan, E-Health and E-Care modes.

In addition, the automotive supplier presents workshop equipment for the calibration of driver assistance systems as well as air conditioning and transmission oil service solutions, with which the Stuttgart company supports specifically independent workshops with its spare and service parts.

Mahle claims to be the first supplier in the world to enable independent workshops to perform battery diagnostics on electric vehicles with the Mahle TechPRO diagnostic tool launched in March. By the end of the year, the E-Scan function will be supplemented by E-Health and E-Care equipment.

E-Health (picture below) performs diagnostics on the vehicle batteries via the charging socket and evaluates the measured data in the cloud. This way the condition of a battery can be ranked against all other registered batteries of the same model in the fleet.


Additionally, E-Health generates a forecast of the expected remaining life of a vehicle.

Since the beginning of 2022, the new diagnostic solution has been tested in practice with TÜV NORD Mobilität and an anonymous European fleet operator. E-Care is a service unit for carrying out maintenance of vehicle battery cooling circuits.

In terms of internal combustion powertrain emissions, it will be mandatory in Germany from the beginning of 2023 to have exhaust and particulate emissions measurements. For this, Mahle will present its EmissionPRO equipment as well as the PMU 400 device for particle measurement.

Mahle says his equipment can measure individual nanoparticles in the exhaust stream, even at very low concentrations. This means that the sample taken from the exhaust pipe can be diluted up to 200 times with clean air to minimize the accumulation of particles and dirt in the most sensitive parts of the measuring instrument.

Mahle will also showcase its Tech PRO Digital ADAS 2.0 for calibration of driver assistance systems and the latest generation of the ACX A/C service unit series and transmission oil service unit series. ATX. The continuous development of Digital ADAS 2.0 claims to shorten the calibration time even further and enables calibration within minutes. Thanks to special laser distance gauges, which are directly connected to the diagnostic tool, the tool can directly record all parameters of the vehicle alignment so that the calibration can be carried out without manual input. Even the vertical positioning of the monitor is done automatically. At the same time, the system allows the vehicle type to be automatically collected via the license plate number, thus eliminating the need for the operator to manually select the vehicle.

Olaf Henning, Mahle Board Member and Head of the Aftermarket Business Unit, says: “Our presence at Automechanika impressively shows how the pace of our innovation has accelerated. With our solutions, we have taken a step ahead of the global competition, especially in the field of battery diagnostics.

Automechanika will take place from September 13 to 17.

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