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Breast biopsy

Breast biopsy is a procedure in which part or all of suspicious breast growth is removed using a needle or similar device and examined. Premier Health offers a variety of breast biopsy options to assess suspicious breast tissue. These options include image-guided biopsy – using ultrasound, MRI, or stereotaxic guidance – or open surgical biopsy.

In either case, the resulting tissue is sent to the pathology lab for analysis with results available to your doctor usually within 72 hours.

An open surgical biopsy is usually done the same day in an operating room. The tissue in the area in question, as well as some adjacent tissue, is surgically removed.

Scout® Wireless Radar Tracking System

Most Premier Health hospitals use the SCOUT® wireless radar tracking system. It specifically targets breast tumors for removal and aims to relieve patient anxiety. Instead of patients having a wire inserted into the breast to mark the location of a tumor (often on the day of surgery), a SCOUT® reflector (smaller than a penny) is placed in advance. During surgery, the SCOUT® guide uses real-time distance measurement guidance to accurately detect the location of the SCOUT® reflector and direct the surgeon towards the tumor, with an accuracy of 1mm. SCOUT® is also used to locate high risk non-cancerous lesions.

The ability to accurately locate tumors increases the likelihood of cancer being completely eliminated and reduces the likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries – a huge benefit for patients with early-stage breast cancer. Additionally, the ability to strategically plan the incision can lead to better aesthetic results.

Breast MRI and breast biopsy locations

Premier Health offers breast MRI and breast biopsy at multiple breast imaging sites.

Atrium Medical Center:

  • Breast MRI
    • Wilbur and Mary Jean Cohen Women’s Center
  • Breast biopsy
    • Wilbur and Mary Jean Cohen Women’s Center

Miami Valley Hospital

  • Breast biopsy
    • Miami Valley Hospital Breast Center
    • Miami Valley Hospital North Breast Center

Haute Vallée Medical Center

Schedule a breast diagnostic test

A doctor’s prescription is required for breast MRI and breast biopsy. Make sure you have the order before calling Central Scheduling.

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