Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center Achieves High Level Status

The Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center has reached the highest level of the National Network of Animal Health Laboratories.
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The Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center has achieved highest level status in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network.

The diagnostic center is part of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The center was inaugurated in 2017 on the East Campus and is nationally recognized for the expertise of its faculty and staff in diagnosing diseases in cattle and other farm animals. The center also provides disease surveillance and diagnostic services to veterinarians, breeders, animal owners and researchers.

Many entities, including the Nebraska Cattlemen, worked to support the financing of the construction and the purchase of instruments that propelled the center to the forefront.

As a leading laboratory, the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center meets high-level criteria related to the ability to respond by testing in the event of an exotic animal disease or outbreak of disease with high consequences.

“The dedicated efforts of the highly skilled faculty and staff, as well as the new Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center building have met the demands of this status elevation,” said Bruce Brodersen, director of the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center.

The Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center is well positioned to provide animal health diagnostic tests to detect biological threats to the nation’s food animals, thereby protecting animal health, public health, the nation’s food supply. and agricultural economics. The center also has the capacity to diagnose both endemic and more serious pathogens for livestock in animals, food and environmental samples and is likely to be a frontline laboratory for agent recognition. intentionally or accidentally introduced into animals.

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