ProciseDx and Lumiphore Announce Diagnostic Technology Partnership



SAN DIEGO and BERKELEY, Calif., October 8, 2019 / PRNewswire / – ProciseDx and Lumiphore have announced that they have signed an agreement to incorporate Lumiphore’s new metallic luminescent protractor technology into ProciseDx ™ point-of-care diagnostic testing.

Under the agreement, ProciseDx owns the exclusive worldwide rights to use Lumiphore’s new technology in its diagnostic tests. The first offers will concern inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as celiac and metabolic syndromes.

“Lumiphore can bring the benefits of homogeneity based on lanthanides mix and read tests, known as time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) assays, to diagnostic markets, from central laboratories to point-of-care applications. Detection sensitivity and ease of use as well as material cost reductions in reagent use, labor and reading platforms are all benefits of Lumiphore’s new reporting technology ” , said Steve Blose, Lumiphore Commercial Director.

“Using Lumiphore’s technology enables ProciseDx to provide fast, quantitative and easy point-of-care testing. We are excited to bring these tests to market in 2020. ”said Dr. Larry Mimms, CEO of ProciseDx.

About ProciseDx

ProciseDx is a diagnostic company engaged in the development and commercialization of a broad portfolio of point-of-care diagnostic tests for use in physician’s offices, retail clinics and emergency care. ProciseDx currently has 24 employees, 10,000 square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space and is ISO13485 certified. ProciseDx is headquartered at San diego, california and is a 100% subsidiary of Nestlé Health Science.

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About Lumiphore, Inc.

Situated at Berkeley, California, Lumiphore Inc, a privately held company, is a biotechnology leader in the development of proprietary luminescent metal lanthanide reporters as well as metal radionuclide payload delivery technology for use in directed diagnostic and radiopharmaceutical applications on site. , respectively. Lumiphore’s technology is commercialized through market-specific alliances with business partners. Lumiphore holds exclusive licenses for the fundamental science developed in University of California, Berkeley in the professor’s lab Kenneth N. Raymond, a world expert in lanthanide chemistry.

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Media contacts
Lumiphore, Inc.
Stephane Blose
[email protected]
+1 415-318-4457

ProciseDx, LLC.
Peter Westlake
[email protected]
+ 1 619-821-0660

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