ResApp Health locks Australian TGA approval for adult smartphone respiratory diagnostic technology



ResAppDx-EU version two can now be used to diagnose respiratory disease in adults and children.

ResApp Health (ASX: RAP) ultimately blocked the Australian Therapeutics Administration for using its smartphone-based diagnostic technology to determine respiratory disease in adults.

This latest step follows TGA’s approval in October to use its pediatric respiratory diagnostic technology.

ResAppDx-EU version two smartphone app from ResApp can now be used to diagnose respiratory illnesses in adults and children and is approved as a Class IIa medical device which is now listed in the Australian Therapeutic Products Registry.

“We are delighted that our flagship product ReAppDx-EU is now approved for use on both adults and children in Australia and Europe,” said Tony Keating, CEO and Managing Director of ResApp.

ResAppDX-EU technology

With most people developing an acute respiratory tract infection each year, it is the most common acute illness seen in clinical health facilities.

The current diagnosis of respiratory disease is complex and subjective – involving a combination of clinical judgment and diagnostic aids such as stethoscope, imaging, blood and sputum tests.

ReAppDX-EU is a software application that clinicians can use to diagnose diseases of the lower respiratory tract such as croup, pneumonia, asthma exacerbation, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The software uses machine learning algorithms to analyze a patient’s cough sounds in order to diagnose the disease.

It only requires a smartphone and no other accessories to operate the software.

“ResAppDx-EU provides strong health and economic benefits to telehealth providers, emergency departments and emergency care clinics in Australia and Europe, and we are excited about the scale of the opportunity and our position. unique in the market, ”said Mr. Keating.

“We are now expanding our sales team to support our sales, marketing and business development activities in these regions, and we are delighted to have an increasing number of opportunities at different stages of our sales pipeline. “

In November of last year, ResApp revealed that its test would be integrated with Australia’s Coviu telehealth software platform.

The current integration process is underway and was expected to last four months.

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