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Global RNA/transcriptomic analysis market to reach US$10.5 billion by 2026

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global RNA/transcriptomics analysis market estimated at US$4.7 billion in 2020, is expected to reach a revised size of US$10.5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.1% over the analysis period. . Reagents/Consumables, one of the segments analyzed in the report, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.4% to reach US$5.9 billion by the end of the analysis period.

After a thorough analysis of the business implications of the pandemic and the induced economic crisis, the growth of the Instruments segment is readjusted to a revised CAGR of 12.5% ​​for the next 7-year period. This segment currently represents a 30.1% share of the global RNA analysis/transcriptomics market.

The increased demand for gene expression models for specific genes, various analysis technologies, multiplexed RNA quantification, increased requirement for genetic testing and personalized medicine, increase in genetic variation and the incidence of genetic mutations are driving the market demand for transcriptomic technologies.

Moreover, the continuous technological developments of the products have increased the commercialization and the increase in the cases of diseases such as hepatitis B, diabetes, and cancer, too, propelling the growth of the transcriptomics technologies market. R&D funding from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, increased demand for compact and reliable products are also the other key factors expected to drive the market growth.

Innovations and new product launches are also expected to fuel growth over the analysis period. For example, NuGEN Technologies, Inc.’s Trio RNA-Seq, which provides a highly sensitive end-to-end transcriptomic solution, is ideal for use in low-abundance transcript applications. The innovative Trio RNA-Seq technique incorporates three powerful technologies, including single primer isothermal amplification (SPIA); AnyDeplete, for use in high-sensitivity ribonucleic acid (RNA) analysis; and DimerFree.

The US market is estimated at $2.2 billion in 2021, while China is expected to reach $891.5 million by 2026

The RNA analysis/transcriptomics market in the United States is estimated to be worth US$2.2 billion in 2021. The country currently accounts for a 39.34% share of the global market. China, the world’s second largest economy, is expected to reach an estimated market size of US$891.5 million in 2026 growing at a CAGR of 15.6% over the analysis period.

Other noteworthy geographic markets include Japan and Canada, each forecasting growth of 11.9% and 14.3% respectively over the analysis period. In Europe, Germany is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 13.8%, while the rest of the European market (as defined in the study) will reach US$1 billion by the end of the outlook period. ‘to analyse.

North America represents the most dominant region due to the presence of a large number of biotechnology companies with well-established infrastructures and advanced technological platforms. Growth opportunities, increase in healthcare expenditures and introduction of government initiatives are the other factors driving the market growth.

Moreover, the sustained increase in private sector investment in research and development related to transcriptomics enables regional market players to develop targeted therapeutics.

Services segment to reach $2 billion by 2026

In the global services segment, the United States, Canada, Japan, China and Europe will drive the estimated CAGR of 14.1% for this segment. These regional markets representing a combined market size of US$744.8 million in 2020 will reach a projected size of US$1.9 billion by the end of the analysis period.

China will remain among the fastest growing markets in this group of regional markets. Led by countries like Australia, India, and South Korea, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to reach US$130.8 million by 2026.

Main topics covered:




  • RNA-Seq technology

  • A prelude to transcriptomic technologies

  • Impact of Covid-19 and a looming global recession

  • 2020 marked as a year of disruption and transformation

  • As the race between the virus and vaccines heats up, where is the global economy going in 2021

  • Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Transcriptomics Technology Market

  • Growth prospects and prospects

  • The Global Transcriptomics Technology Market Is Growing Rapidly

  • Market Outlook

  • Segmentation by technology

  • Application-based analysis

  • Geography-based analysis

  • North America dominates the market

  • Competetion

  • Recent market activity

2. FOCUS ON SELECT PLAYERS (Total 44 Featured)

  • Agilent Technologies, Inc.

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

  • CD Genomics

  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

  • GenXPro GmbH

  • Illumina, Inc.

  • LC Sciences

  • Merck KGaA

  • Qiagen AG

  • Sequentia Biotech SL

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


  • Growing demand for personalized medicine to drive market demand

  • Application of transcriptomics in disease profiling and diagnostics

  • Increase in PCR applications in the biotechnology sector

  • The growing role of transcriptomics in oncology

  • Single-cell RNA sequencing technologies show steady growth

  • Growth of long-read transcriptome sequencing

  • Gene expression microarray technology gains momentum

  • Conventional chips

  • Latest DNA chips

  • Microfluidics-based droplet technologies show growth

  • inDrops approach shows growth

  • The Spatial Transcriptomics Market Is Growing Significantly

  • Next-generation sequencing provides increased accuracy for transcriptomic activity

  • Select available NGS platforms in the market

  • Single-cell NGS shows rapid growth

  • RNA sequencing records significant growth

  • Blood transcriptome sequencing to identify rare disease genes

  • Liquid biopsy

  • Expression of plant genes

  • Nanopore RNA Sequencing

  • 3’RNA sequencing

  • Specific targeted sequencing

  • NanoString Technology – A Proprietary Transcriptomic Technology

  • Technological advances and innovations

  • Sci-Plex – A new technique to profile gene expression in single cells

  • Introduction of Oxford Nanopore’s Innovative Handheld Sequencer for Sequencing Long Reads and RNA Molecules Improves Transcriptomic Analysis

  • Aging demographics present opportunities for transcriptomics technologies

  • Transcriptomics assumes critical importance in a context of increasing prevalence of chronic diseases
















  • Total number of companies profiled: 44

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