South Korea-based diagnostic technology company Chowis takes a global leap


With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in the booming beauty and cosmetics market, South Korean personal care manufacturing company CHOWIS Co. is rapidly gaining traction in the market. global scale.

The popularity of CHOWIS is growing as demand for personalized skincare products that meet unique consumer needs, such as specific skin types, using AI grows. It is a diagnostic and evaluation technology company specializing in optics, video image processing technology and software development. Since its inception in 2012, the company’s unique big data-based AI algorithm analysis solutions have contributed to its reputation.

The company launched PRECISION SKIN DermConcept, an AI-based home skin diagnostics and personalized cosmetics platform service in the UK. By tracking skin conditions via an app, this service provides information for doctors and pharmacists to prescribe new cosmetics to users every month.

CHOWIS is currently working on a small personal device called mySkin FAIN (Face AI Navigator). It will allow consumers to analyze their skin using AI anytime and anywhere. He hopes to launch it in the second half of 2022.

The brand recently entered the US market by collaborating with a local partner and entering major global retail stores. Based on the scalp and hair analysis results obtained from the kiosks, customers get personalized cosmetics.

With support from the Korean government and Gyeonggi Province, CHOWIS has been contributing to the growth of personal care product manufacturing since 2021 by providing customized AI-based healthcare service testbeds and PoC (Proof of concept).

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