Taiwanese company AHEAD Medicine disrupts cell analysis with AI to help accelerate disease diagnosis and cell therapy worldwide


AHEAD Medicine’s AI platform eliminates bottlenecks in drug discovery, clinical trials and patient treatment, increasing speed, accuracy and reproducibility.

TAIPEI, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AHEAD Medicine, a UC Berkeley SkyDeck-backed company, has launched a new AI-based cellular immunoprofiling analysis platform. The platform unlocks cellular-level data essential for vaccines, therapeutic research and development, patient diagnostics, and the safety of next-generation treatments like cell therapy, the company will showcase its technology at US bio 2022.

Your 37 trillion cells hold secrets for your health. Hospitals and labs use machines called flow cytometers to study the size, shape, age, and protein expression of your cells. Currently, transforming this cellular-level data into actionable clinical insights is manual, requiring highly skilled humans to visually interpret millions of data points at once. As a result, it is a costly and error-prone bottleneck in advanced healthcare markets and simply unavailable in emerging markets.

AHEAD’s AI platform delivers instant results, improves interpretation accuracy and repeatability while achieving substantial cost savings.

Andrea WangCEO and co-founder of AHEAD Medicinea cancer survivor with a graduate background in cancer research and data science, has always had a keen interest in applying AI to medicine.

Speaking of the company’s core technology, Wang shares, “We have developed a fully automated analysis software platform where physicians or researchers simply upload raw cell analysis data from flow cytometry instruments. Our software instantly analyzes multiple samples simultaneously, delivering actionable insights in seconds.”

Roots in STEM heaven Taiwan

Taiwan boasts of a large pool of high-quality STEM talent, extensive expertise and productive environment for conducting clinical trials, advanced bio-ICT capability, and active cooperation between the government, industry and academia in medical research.

AHEAD is a product of this system. Research teams from National Taiwan University Hospital and National Tsing Hua University, with support from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), developed and ultimately derived the technology behind AHEAD Medicine and its Taiwanese subsidiary of R&D AHEAD Intelligence. The startup has a large patent portfolio based on this collaboration.

Of Taiwan to the rest of the world

AHEAD Medicine is currently expanding globally, with the opening of a new US headquarters in California, and is the first RUO product available for acute leukemia and lymphoma. With easy-to-use software that improves the efficiency, accuracy and reproducibility of cell analysis, AHEAD is poised to bring next-generation science and treatment to everyone.

AHEAD Medicine Disrupting Cellular Analysis with AI to Help Accelerate Disease Diagnosis and Cellular Therapy Worldwide

To learn more, visit https://www.aheadmedicine.com

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