Tesla publishes free service manuals, diagnostic tools and more


Tesla now provides free access to service manuals, repair guides, diagnostic tools and more.

The new Right to Repair initiative should help owners who want to tinker with their vehicle themselves.

Last month, we reported that Tesla was fighting a new “Right to Repair” initiative in Massachusetts, saying it would weaken its cybersecurity.

The initiative, which was on the ballot in November, aimed to improve access to electronic data and diagnostic tools inside vehicles.

Tesla has reached out to its Massachusetts customers and encouraged them to vote against the new initiative.

It is now adopted and we learn that Tesla is already starting to facilitate access to important information for the right to repair.

Tesla’s “green” hacker discovered that Tesla now gives free access to its service and repair manuals, vehicle diagnostics, and more:

Apart from the diagnostic tools, all of this information was already available to everyone, but you had to be prepared to pay up to $ 100 an hour to access the information on service.teslamotors.com.

As indicated by “green”, you can now access the information for free if you register through the Chinese version of the website:

Apparently, this is not a bug, but a feature. It’s not clear why Tesla doesn’t charge you if you go through the Chinese domain, but you have access to the same information.

If, like me, you previously registered a service account to pay for access to information, you will need to use another email when registering, but it works.

I followed the green instructions above and Tesla gave me free access:

Again, all of this information was previously available to those willing to pay, with the exception of the toolkit.

Tesla now provides access to diagnostic tools, which was part of the new Massachusetts initiative that Tesla was fighting against.

For European cars you can request remote diagnostic access and in other areas you will need to plug a laptop into the diagnostic port.

It’s not something that most Tesla owners will use, but it will be a hit with many DIY enthusiasts.

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