The Brookwood Baptist Diagnostic Center will open at 119


A new diagnostic center will arrive in corridor 280 in July.

Brookwood Baptist Health will open a diagnostic center on July 5 in its new building at the intersection of Highway 119 and US 280. The center includes equipment for x-rays, mammograms, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI scans and bone density screens.

Although the diagnostic center is located in the same building as the Brookwood Baptist Self-Contained Emergency Department (FED) which opened in November, Christina Brown, the diagnostic center’s physician relations manager, said that the building had been constructed to ensure separation between the two departments.

A hallway connects the two buildings so that emergency room patients can be taken to the diagnostic side for an X-ray, CT scan or MRI, but most outpatients entering the diagnostic center would not come in contact with this area. of the building, said site manager Walker Turner.

“The majority of patients would never have to cross here,” he said.

The facility includes cutting-edge technology, Turner said, including a 3D mammography machine. This helps eliminate about 75% of callbacks for benign lumps or dense breast tissue, Brown said.

“It helps eliminate this frightening relationship,” she said.

When patients come for an ultrasound, Turner said the center makes sure they have everything they need in the ultrasound room, including a walk-in closet and a bathroom.

“We have all the amenities for the patient,” he said.

Even the MRI scanner is handy, Turner said. The MRI scanner is included, but the largest available, which can help to comfortably fit larger patients. The weight limit of the scanner is 600 pounds.

“The athletes, they’re going to love it,” Turner said.

Overall, the diagnostic center aims to provide comfort and a relaxing experience for patients, Turner and Brown said. The goal of the building’s design was to create a spa-like atmosphere, said Turner, from the paintings to the music played in the building.

“People expect more, and they should do it,” he said.

It is Brookwood Baptist Health’s only stand-alone diagnostic center, and Brown said the building is one-story and has ample parking, making it easy for patients to get around.

“It’s a convenience for Shelby County and Corridor 280 so they don’t have to cross the mountain,” Brown said.

The diagnostic center is located at 7131 Cahaba Valley Road, Suite 101. It will be open from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

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