The evolution of battery diagnostic tools


When we talk about batteries, charging and starting system diagnostics, some aspects have always been the same due to fundamental electronic principles. However, in the field of tools, everything has changed. The electronics, as well as the technology of the charging and starting systems, have evolved so much over the last 20 years that you must continue to update them to have the most modern equipment. In this video from Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio, we will discuss some of these changes and why they are important.

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One of the most common diagnostic tools is a digital battery tester. They have become so affordable that many technicians choose to purchase their own. They work by measuring battery conductance, which is ultimately a determination of the available plate area inside a battery.

The reason digital battery testers are so widely used is that they’re quick and easy, and they’re accurate even on a battery that isn’t fully charged. A weak battery can cause many problems in a modern vehicle with multiple electronic control units. It is important to identify battery problems long before a vehicle starts or begins to set low voltage trouble codes.

Anytime a car is in your bay, a digital battery tester makes it easy to check the battery. Not only is this important to your customer, but it’s also a good upsell for you. If you don’t catch it, someone else will.
That being said, a traditional battery load tester is still very important. If there is a problem starting or charging and it indicates something less than a perfect battery, we are entering unpredictable territory where the results may not be 100% accurate. If you have questions about battery health, a traditional load tester will give you absolute results. A weak battery has no way of hiding from a load tester.

Modern load testers have come a long way from what they were years ago. Today’s testers are easy to hook up and feature digital readouts, inductive amplifier clamps and a higher degree of accuracy, giving you the performance you need to get the job done accurately.

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