This local health research company is developing new diagnostic tools to save more lives


Nobody likes an invasive test at the clinic.

Enter INEX Innovate, spun off from the National University of Singapore by a team of specialists in maternal-fetal care and female oncology, which produces diagnostic test kits that banish much of the anxiety associated with such tests.

CEO Kane Black, 42, believes that with his strong background in molecular diagnostics and women’s health, the company is well placed to serve a largely underserved market.

“Testing kits that can detect diseases and illnesses specific to women, such as ovarian or breast cancer, through a standard blood test, can help ease concerns or fears about health checks. routine health care such as mammograms,” he says.

“Such user-friendly, non-invasive screening and testing methods will, we believe, encourage more women to get tested and therefore treated early, greatly improving their chances of recovery.”

Many women find mammograms, a common breast cancer screening procedure, stressful and painful. INEX’s EpiDx® test, which detects malignant breast cancer cells using blood samples, could become a diagnostic alternative by the end of this year.

Mr Black says: “By distributing it to GPs and thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the test, INEX Innovate believes EpiDx® can encourage more women to be diagnosed with breast cancer, without discomfort, and to get treated early. in case of diagnosis.

Do your part for society

INEX Innovate briefly shifted gears during the pandemic to meet demand for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and Covid-19 test kits.

“We mobilized our clinical laboratory iGene Laboratory into action, quickly becoming one of the first private laboratories in Singapore to begin PCR testing for Covid-19 in 2020. To date, we have tested hundreds of thousands of patients,” says Mr. Black.

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