Today’s battery diagnostics, starting and charging tools


Tools, tools, tools!

There are many tools that help you diagnose problems with your customers’ vehicles. While there may be many battery, charging and starting diagnostic tools to choose from, the key is to ensure that you have the most up-to-date equipment in your shop to keep up with the modernization of vehicles today.

In this video from Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio, we talk about the best diagnostic tools to have in your shop and why keeping them up to date is so important.

Charging systems include the alternator, battery, and engine control module that improve fuel economy, battery life, and alternator operation. When diagnosing starting and charging systems, it is recommended to perform a voltage drop test on the battery, starter and alternator cables. Voltage drop testing involves using a tool such as the digital multimeter to test the actual circuit voltage and compare it to the desired circuit voltage. While the multimeter will provide amperage readings, diagnosing the charging system requires a scan tool. This means that analytics tools are something you absolutely need in your store.

Thanks to the popularity of digital battery testers, you and your techs probably have your own. They are a great tool to have as they are fast and accurate even on a battery that is not fully charged. It’s also a great upsell for you – be the store that finds and fixes battery problems, not the one that lets them go!

In the past, traditional battery load testers were the norm for testing problems with your customers’ batteries. If you have questions about battery health after using a digital tester, a traditional load tester will give you absolute results. A weak battery cannot hide from a load tester.

A traditional load tester can also diagnose starting and charging systems. Today’s testers are easy to hook up and have digital readouts and a higher degree of accuracy.

When diagnosing modern vehicle systems, data from scan tools for these systems and diagnostic tools in general are imperative to ensure your shop is up to date with the latest technology trends.

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