Westside Children’s Therapy opens serial casting and diagnostic center in Orland Park


ORLAND PARK, Ill., October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Westside Children’s Therapy now has a center at Orleans Park exclusively for serial casting and diagnostics.

The center is located at 14711, avenue S Ravinia, Orland Park, IL. It sits in the space formerly occupied by Westside’s Orland Multidisciplinary Clinic. Complete services Orland Park the location is located a few blocks north.

Serial cast is currently only offered from the Frankfort Clinic of Westside, but will now only be supplied in Orland Park. The Serial Casting Center will be run by a group of serial casting physiotherapists.

Serial casting is used to treat and improve joint range of motion for toe walking, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, arthrogryposis, clubfoot, traumatic and acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophy, etc. . Serial casting is usually done in conjunction with physical therapyit’s what Westside’s foundations were built on 26 years ago.

Western coast Diagnostic tests is currently offered in Wheatonbut the new space in Orland Park will give those in the south a more convenient option to get tested.

The diagnostic center will be headed by Dr. Brad Czochara, Certified Neuropsychologist. He is known for his experience with autism, ADHD and other developmental issues.

A parent may request a diagnostic assessment if they are unsure of the appropriate diagnosis for their child or wish to determine what type of support is best for their child.

The test can also determine if a child has autism, which is a necessary diagnosis to receive ABA Therapy.

Westside Children’s Therapy also offers Professional, Word and Feedand Child and Family Tips services to its other 25+ other locations.

If you’re looking to start Westside Children’s Therapy, visit westsidect.com and click “Get Started” or call (815) 469-1500, and our Patient Experience Team will help you start the process.

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