Why Should You Use Diagnostic Equipment Financing and Leasing?

With the right equipment, your clinic will drastically improve efficiency and ability to provide care to your patients. Equipment is often able to allow medical practices to expand their offerings. Equipment owned by an established medical practice instead of using third-party suppliers could reflect the organization and also the impression of professionalism and the quality provided. Furthermore, the new equipment is able to generate an additional income stream, where your practice will now be able to accept referrals from third-party providers instead of having to pay the patient through third-party outsourcing.

Diagnostic Equipment financing & leasing terms are flexible and offer alternatives that don’t burden your cash flow because most payback terms are between 24 and 72 months. In addition, you have the option to purchase the equipment and have the option of adding equipment to your lease at any point.

In comparison to a standard business loan, equipment leasing offers several advantages. try consolidationnow for free

  • Zero down payment with the option of buying an equipment item during the end of the term
  • Fixed prices that are affordable and the terms can be customized to meet your requirements and your company’s cycle
  • Tax-free loan payment is permitted when the supplier or equipment is not required by law to tax collection.
  • Leases that are tax-exempt for municipal governments as in other government agencies.
  • Flexible leases and loans that range from $1000 up to $2.5 million

Why Finance or Lease Your Diagnostic Equipment?

Your company is currently taking care of the basics. Our flexible financing and leasing programs can help your business in purchasing the most modern equipment, without having to hold important cash. But, the advantages don’t end there. Businesses can increase cash flow by making a lower monthly payment, and be able to identify potential tax advantages. Along with personalized service for customers, financing or leasing equipment is an excellent option for businesses.

  • What are the Rates and Terms?

Rates start at 3.25 percent and terms span between 24-72 months.

  • What are the Payment Options?

The payment schedule is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. The payment deadlines are monthly or quarterly, annual and semi-annually. It is also due during the time of the season.

  • How Long Does the Process Take?

Typically, the loan is approved within two hours and the loan is paid off within two to three business days.

  • 100% Financing for New or Used

We don’t need a down payment, along with soft expenses such as installation, installation as well as taxes, are covered both new and used equipment.

For instance, certain practices require monthly payments, which permit more flexibility in the flow of cash when waiting for the payment from insurance companies and Medicare. Whatever the case, the flexible payment plans consider the specifics of the way that your practice is run and what’s most beneficial for your patients.

Explore Diagnostic Equipment Financing & Leasing for Your Practice

If a medical center joins in an alliance that includes a medical facility, it has access to a leasing group of specialists who are specialized in helping healthcare professionals across the United States get the equipment and technology they need to grow without compromising the quality of the medical care. We support our clients to provide the most modern technology and the best healthcare for patients.

We are able to finance everything you require to run your business. If you’re looking to increase or upgrade your equipment, we can provide the equipment you require to move your company to the next level.

Consolidation Now is able to finance everything from technology and furniture to heavy and motor vehicles, and also pay for consumables, installation, and other expenses that come when leasing new as well as used equipment. Contact us now to discuss the options for your business.

What is Diagnostic Equipment Financing and Leasing?

Leasing and financing for Diagnostic Equipment allow you to get finance and lease up to 100 of the brand new or second-hand equipment that your business requires. Applying for a loan or lease with Consolidation Now is a speedy and simple way for you to finance or lease equipment for x-rays and any other computer or equipment that your practice requires.

Who Qualifies for Diagnostic Equipment Financing and Leasing?

The amount of practice is eligible? the interest rate that will be granted is contingent on the kind of equipment you have as well as your practice’s financials and credit background.

Since the equipment is used to serve as collateral Diagnostic Equipment financing & leasing is an option in the event that your personal credit score isn’t great.

Finance Financing to Diagnostic Equipment and Leasing in contrast to other payment alternatives

The possibility of leasing or financing your equipment through Consolidation Now is a smart option for any practice on any budget. You can buy the equipment you need for your business immediately and then be in a position to pay for it in the near future by making regular monthly or quarterly installments.

Equipment Financing/Leasing is different. credit cards: Lots of small and start-up businesses have only a small number of credits available. If you purchase equipment with the aid of credit card credit cards, you’re taking your valuable lines of credit which your business might require to pay for other expenses. When you purchase your equipment with the consolidation Now Company, your business will have a variety of options to meet your future needs of the business.

Equipment Financing/Leasing is a better option. Small-Business loans Equipment financing may be an option to borrow. In most cases, the interest rate, as well as the terms, are better to be approved for financing or leasing of equipment, in contrast to a small business loan due to the equipment being collateral.

Equipment Financing/Leasing is different. Cash-paying: Only a handful of companies have the situation in which there are enough funds in order to purchase all of their equipment in one go. If you are able to fund the purchase of your equipment, you will have the capital to pursue opportunities for business growth in the future.

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